Masaaki Suzuki

If you were wondering which elderly gentleman Simone is in love with now, allow me to introduce you to one of my idols, Maestro Masaaki Suzuki, organist, harpsichordist and conductor. Not only is he the best looking man on earth with a full head + beard of silver, he makes some of the crispest, clearest, most disciplined baroque sounds around. I like to imagine that it is a combination of his love for Bach and commitment to a kind of minimalist and elegant Japanese aesthetic. I had the immense privilege of seeing him conduct Bach’s Magnificat in D in New York. The Yale Scuola Cantorum under his baton was absolutely beyond scrutiny and the very picture of Baroque perfection. He is my go-to for most Bach cantatas and I recommend his Mozart Requiem as well, which sparkles without a lot of the wobbly, maudlin heaviness it often succumbs to under lesser conductors.


For now: something that always reduces me to a puddle of existential devastation (and hot Japanese singers):

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