"Sender of the best hand-written letter of all time." - Kristina G.

"Talk to Simone Grace if you find yourself in Tinder-induced despair!" - Alison T.

"The Best Sister-in-Law in all of history" - my sister-in-law



Hi! Nice to meet you. I'm Simone Grace Seol, international renaissance woman. Based in Seoul at the moment.

My Instagram is almost always up-to-date with the latest thing I made.

Please talk to me on Twitter because I feel really lost there.

Here's a page with info about some of those things, and some nice things people say about me.


I'm a clinical hypnotist and life coach certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, the International Associations of Counselors and Therapists. I currently have a private practice and teaching schedule in Seoul, Korea. I'm also a member of the Research Committee of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. My mission is to equip every counselor/therapist (especially ones treating trauma), parent and school teacher with the highly effective, simple, free, fast and non-invasive energy-based techniques to heal pain and unlock an individual's potential for love, success and joy.




I'm the creator of Feminist Coloring Pages.

"Simone Grace gives adult coloring a shot of originality." - Max Daniels

You can buy beautiful hand-made clothes bearing my illustrations through New England-based Folk Couture.

folk coutur


Out of that project arose The 28 Black Women Coloring Book, which raised $4,000 in 25 days for ACLU and NAACP.

A lovely way to honor strong and important American s/heros. - Diana Chapman Walsh

You are changing the world one sketch at a time." - Dani Young

"This is a way to support a cool female artist, highlight kickass African-American women, support the resistance, AND work on my mental health through crafts." - Anon


I earned a BA in religion from Wellesley College and an MPH from Columbia University. I've interviewed thought leaders and politicians for broadcast media, wrangled data for epidemiology research, won hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants for public health organizations, and built websites and communication strategies for NGOs.


I was once interviewed by Wellesley Underground

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Simone Grace Seol